Published Police Investigations

Although Parabon has produced Snapshot DNA Phenotyping Reports for a large number of different federal, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies, many reports are considered confidential, and are not listed below — as their release may interfere with ongoing investigations.

The Snapshot predictions displayed here, however, have been released publicly as persons of interest in their respective cases; clicking on an image will open a link to a news article or press release with more information about that case. If you have information pertaining to the identity and/or location of these individuals, you are encouraged to contact the numbers listed in the report.


Subject Identified
Person of Interest
Unidentified Remains

NOTE: Snapshot phenotyping composites are for lead generation purposes only; resolution of cases on this page may or may not have been aided by its use.

Additional Snapshot Composites

Please see our list of Example Snapshot Predictions vs. Actual Photos for more Snapshot profiles.