Snapshot Testimonials

“Without the [Snapshot] profile, we would not be here today [announcing the arrest of a confessed
murder suspect]. It cost $4,000. And, that's probably the best $4,000 this county has ever spent.”
Sheriff Vance Hill, Brown County TX Sheriff's Office
“You work, you bust your ass, you interview, you re-examine old evidence hoping for that one lead, and
now, finally, with this brand new technology [Snapshot], I have eyes on that person [the perpetrator].”
Investigator Randy Patrick, Isle of Wight VA Sheriff's Office; Killing Fields
“This [Snapshot] is an easy expenditure for us... It's a no-brainer.”
Christopher Gramiccioni, Monmouth County NJ Prosecutor
“Snapshot helped to eliminate a large number of suspects... and
significantly reduced the amount of work required to make those eliminations.”
Detective Josiah Ransom, Boise ID Police Department
“I wish we had used Snapshot much earlier... We could have saved
so much time and money [and] solved this case a long, long time ago.”
Detective Jodi Gonterman, Albuquerque NM Police Department
“It [Snapshot] helped us extraordinarily in identifying Ms. Shaquana Caldwell [from
skeletal remains]. We can't say enough good things about Parabon NanoLabs.”
Chief T.J. Smith, Baltimore MD Police Department
“It's a completely different way of investigating. Any new information after 35 years is a breakthrough. Just
finding out [basic traits] will almost immediately eliminate a number of individuals who were persons of interest.”
Detective Thomas O'Brien, Fort Worth TX Police Department
“Snapshot is helping us make progress on a number of
cold cases that were previously at a standstill.”
Det. Jason Dipietro, Cold Case Homicide Unit, Anne Arundel County MD Police Department
“[Parabon] walked us through the technology and highlighted how [Snapshot] could reduce false
leads and narrow the focus of [our] investigation to specific characteristics of the suspect.”
Sergeant Tim Pinckney, Arlington TX Police Department
“Without [Snapshot] phenotyping, we probably would have never known who this unidentified woman was.”
Detective Shanice Price, Baltimore MD Police Department
“Snapshot gave us 100% more investigative information about
the perpetrator than we had before the analysis.”
Detective Brenton Groeneveld, Warwick RI Police Department
“It's way better than a sketch. I think it gives you a
much better ability to see what the person looks like.”
Captain Ted Boe, King County WA Sheriff's Office
“We are excited about this [Snapshot] result. It totally redirects our
whole investigation and will move this case in a new direction.”
Sheriff Tony Mancuso, Calcasieu Parish LA Sheriff's Office
“It [Snapshot] is an extraordinary tool,
for elimination purposes if for no other reason.”
Detective Dean O'Kelley, Las Vegas NV Police Department
“[Snapshot] allowed us to narrow our pool of [hundreds of] suspects and ultimately focus in on Jason Martinez. That
led us to NY where we were able to attain his DNA, which matched the blood at the crime scene and led to his arrest.”
Detective Sergeant Scott Myers, Coral Springs FL Police Department
“What the Parabon analysis allowed us to do was to narrow this investigation;
it gave us criteria with which we could exclude and include people.”
Anthony Gulluni, Hampden County MA District Attorney
“The combination of my office's initiative, the touch DNA testing, and a [Snapshot] phenotype
that was contracted by the APD... all contributed to the resolution of this investigation.”
Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General
“The likeness of the Snapshot composite with [the convicted murder's]
driver's license photograph is quite striking.”
Detective Marcus Marshall, Rockingham County NC Sheriff's Office
“Our clay models were subjective in terms of the victim's unknown physical characteristics.
Snapshot's data takes imagery to a whole new level; with Snapshot, we can focus resources more precisely.”
Detective Cory Beyer, League City TX Police Department
“You can see just what an amazing investigative tool Snapshot is.
I'm so grateful we could use it in this case.”
Detective Jodi Gonterman, Albuquerque NM Police Department
“The resemblance between the composite snapshot
and [the suspect's] booking photo was uncanny.”
Lieutenant Paul Beckman, Costa Mesa CA Police Department
“Snapshot is changing the game in how we view DNA evidence. If you aren't using it
in your cases, you are missing critical information for your investigation.”
Instructor Russell R. Strickland, North Carolina Justice Academy Investigations Center
“DNA testing continually evolves and this [Snapshot] is the next step.”
Detective Mike Moreschi, Orlando FL Police Department
“As a detective new to DNA phenotyping, I found Parabon's customer support superb. They patiently
helped us identify a viable DNA sample and delivered an invaluable description of our perpetrator.”
Detective Steve Conner, Aurora CO Police Department, Cold Case Squad
“Parabon has provided a fantastic result with the Snapshot report;
it corroborates and coalesces our victim accounts of the perpetrator.”
Inspector Scott McLaren, Queensland Police Service, Australia
“[Snapshot] allows us to eliminate populations that we don't have to waste our energy on.
It cuts away a lot of work and effort that a lot of time in homicide investigations goes nowhere.”
Sergeant Ray Kelly, Alameda County CA Sheriff's Office
“We know the [Snapshot] technology is solid: it has led us into new places and has
generated hundreds of tips from the public. It's been very productive for us.”
Anthony Gulluni, Hampden County MA District Attorney
“We're in the beginning phases of using it [Snapshot]. There are
hundreds and hundreds of cases that we could use this technology on.”
Detective Derek Gaspard, Galveston TX Police Department
“We're excited about the technology. It's certainly worth [the cost].”
Sheriff Mike Chapman, Loudoun County VA Sheriff's Office
“It's pretty astounding that 21st Century technology
has led us to this type of composite.”
Police Chief Thomas Pyle II, Athens OH Police Department
“Now that I have seen Snapshot in action, I am a believer.”
Captain Tammi Howell, Rockingham County NC Sheriff's Office
“The advance in technology since these murders took place is phenomenal.
We've received over 100 new tips since releasing the Snapshot composites to the public.”
Public Information Officer Loretta Cool, Tacoma WA Police Department
“It's an exclusion process, [with Snapshot] you can exclude 49 people and get down
to the one person [of interest]. I'm sure it will start closing cold cases rapidly.”
Officer Simon Drobik, Albuquerque NM Police Department
“We were impressed with both the Snapshot analysis and the service we received.
I would be pleased to be a reference for Canadian law enforcement.”
Constable Scott Chapman, Windsor ON Police Department
“Snapshot is an excellent tool for detectives. What's amazing is
that instead of letters and numbers, it can turn DNA into a face.”
Major Pedro Abut, Hallandale Beach FL Police Department
“The [Snapshot] training was highly informative and relevant to our work.
I found Parabon to be extraordinarily responsive to the needs of law enforcement.”
Tony Johnson, San Diego CA District Attorney Investigator, Cold Case Homicide Team
“[Snapshot] is so high-tech, it makes CSI look like Sesame Street.”
Ryan Smith, News Correspondent, ABC's 20/20
“I see a lot of potential for this technology in Australia, providing law enforcement agencies with
yet another tool to cultivate quality forensic intelligence.”
Inspector Scott McLaren, Queensland Police Service, Australia
“Look at that [Snapshot] composite... it looks very much like the defendant in this case.”
Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General
“I was skeptical at first, but after seeing my own prediction, I would definitely
recommend Snapshot for any investigation that involves unmatched DNA.”
Det. Rodie Sanchez, Iberville Parish LA Sheriff's Office; Lead Investigator, Killing Fields
“When we have a case like this and have made no headway, this is a way of revitalizing
that case, bringing it back to life. [Snapshot] allows you to focus your investigation.”
Sergeant Ray Kelly, Alameda County CA Sheriff's Office
“We anticipate that we are going to get more calls based on this
composite. I think this is definitely going to help.”
Police Lt. Jeff McCall, Athens OH Police Department
“It [Snapshot] will greatly advance the ability to solve even the most challenging
investigation and will prove to be an invaluable tool for investigators.”
Lieutenant Tommy Potter, Isle of Wight VA Sheriff's Office
“When you look at both pictures [Snapshot composite and actual
suspect photograph] side by side, it's jaw-dropping.”
Officer Simon Drobik, Albuquerque NM Police Department
“We're super pleased with the Snapshot results and are
already looking to use it on at least two other cases.”
Cold Case Specialist Rochelle Robinson, Unified UT Police Department
“Since we introduced the [Snapshot] composite to the public last week, we've had
over 100 tips come in through our Ziegert tip-line... Some have been significant.”
Anthony Gulluni, Hampden County MA District Attorney
“Snapshot has fundamentally changed DNA forensics.
'No match' no longer means 'no case'.”
Det. Lori Morgan, Iberville Parish LA Sheriff's Office; Forensic Investigator, Killing Fields
“We received a ton of positive feedback on the Snapshot
training session that we held. I was very impressed!”
J.J. Alberta, President, Arizona Cold Case Investigators Association
“The information Parabon developed has been extremely helpful to our cold case investigation.”
Tony Johnson, San Diego CA District Attorney Investigator, Cold Case Homicide Team
“It was amazing! Even the facial
bone structure was spot on.”
Yolanda McClary, Investigator for TV's Cold Justice
“This [Snapshot] is cutting edge technology that I think in future years
will help solve more cases than you can imagine.”
Ryan Smith, News Correspondent, ABC's 20/20
“A fantastic breakthrough!”
John Walsh, Guest Host of Cold Justice and America's Most Wanted
“Parabon gave us an option we otherwise didn't have: a Snapshot
composite we could share with the community. They were great partners!”
Major Terri S. Molina, Coral Gables FL Police Department
“This [Snapshot] is such a huge investigative tool now.”
Cami Green, Sales Manager, Sorenson Forensics®
“Having the ability to predict the physical appearance and ancestry of an
unknown suspect from a DNA source is an invaluable tool for investigators.”
Sergeant Tim Pinckney, Arlington TX Police Department
“Parabon's 'Snapshot' will revolutionize how DNA is used to solve crimes...
Snapshot provides a glimpse into what was previously unknown.”
Lieutenant Tommy Potter, Isle of Wight VA Sheriff's Office
“[Upon making an arrest in a 7-year-old sexual assault cold case] It wasn't until now,
after receiving Parabon's analysis, that we were able to get a hit on this suspect.”
Sergeant Mark Leone, Davie FL Police Department
“Parabon has been tremendous to work with, from putting the reports
together to answering all our questions, and they did it very quickly.”
Craig Stedman, Lancaster County PA District Attorney
“It [Snapshot] is becoming the industry standard.”
Public Information Officer Gary Keller, South Salt Lake UT Police Department

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