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Are you interested in learning more about a Snapshot DNA Analysis for any of your cases? Do you have cases that haven't received a CODIS hit? Do you want to narrow down your investigative leads and focus your team's efforts? If so, Snapshot could be your next tool.

Parabon offers free Snapshot webinars to individual law enforcement agencies, during which we review the technology and discuss specific cases you might have that could benefit from the analysis. Participants in this discussion may include your agency's detectives; DNA analysts; upper management and/or financial decision-makers; district attorneys; and any other stakeholders interested in closing unsolved cases more quickly.

If you're interested, please fill out the form below and a Snapshot representative will contact you shortly to schedule an online meeting.

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Snapshot DNA Analysis is offered as a service for law enforcement and other agencies to identify unknown DNA evidence.

If you are interested in personal genealogy analysis, we would recommend contacting The DNA Detectives.

For information on our personal kinship testing service, please see the Parabon Affinity™ DNA Testing Service.

For ordering information, please contact or call (703) 689-9689 x251